In Pursuit of a Perfect Wallet

I was looking for the perfect wallet.

Jan 14, 2020 — 2 mins read

Most wallet are just plain bulky. They are bulky by design, with unnecessary lining, using thick leather, or trying to do to much things. Most of them also doesn't last long, with lining torn apart after few months, with stitching undone here and there.

Thick wallet destroys your cards, make a hole in your back pocket, makes sitting an uncomfortable experience and hard to put in and take out from your pocket. It's just mostly a mess.

I set out on a journey to make the perfect wallet. Spent these few years to perfect the design, trying different leather, while learning all about leather crafting. Starting from zero, internet was my friend. There are tons of prototype involved, both paper and leather, and months of testing each product.

Instead of trying to reinvent the whole wallet into completely different shape, I thought "How about designing it with less?" As famous product designer Dieter Rams says "Less but better."

So I design a wallet down to it's essentials, with just 2 piece of leather and thread. No linings used, so nothing will torn apart inside. Stitched using saddle stitching technique that creates really strong stitches. We are confident with the strength, so we are offering lifetime guarantee for the stitching on every wallet we sold.

The result is a slim yet strong wallet. Fits flat bills, up to 12 cards (although we don't recommend carrying that much cards), with 2 quick slot for most accessed cards.

Is this the perfect wallet? No and yes.

No, it's not perfect if you happen to like your wallet branded and luxurious, trying to look good but doesn't stand the test of time.

Yes, it's perfect if you care about functional product that serves you well for years to come, without logos or flashy branding. Just what a wallet needs to be. Simple and distraction free.

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