Card Pocket

IDR 149,000

Smallest, thinnest, lightest. The ultimate minimalist card wallet for cashless society with easy access to all cards with a thumb push.

  • Holds 6-8 cards
  • Designed for cashless lifestyle
  • Small footprint design
  • Thumb push for easy access

6.7 x 8.7 x 0.2 cm

50% thinner
than other wallet.

Thin leather for slim wallet

Exclusively sourced
thin yet strong leather.

There’s no leather at retail that matches our needs, so we sourced our leather directly from a tannery in Yogyakarta. Vegetable-tanned full-grain cow leather that is thin yet strong.

Black stays black.
Always looks great.

Spills and splash

Our custom black leather have extra water resistant finishes. Some spills and splash?
No worries. Just wipe it off.

Water Resistant Finish

Designed to last.

All leather construction and strong hand-stitching make Hagano wallets extra durable. Long lasting product is a great self-investment and environmentally friendly.


Full Grain Leather

Vegetable tanned full grain leather is one of the best type of leather. Your wallet will look better with age.



Saddle-stitching is a lot stronger than machine stitching, which will make your wallet extra durable.


No Linings

Built using only leather and thread all around, nothing will tear or break apart inside your wallet.


Slim Design

Eliminate things you don't need that weighing you down. So you can focus on what matters in life.


Timeless Design

In contrast to common fast fashion world, we design minimalist products that never goes out of style.


10 Years Guarantee

Buy and use with confidence because we’ve got you covered for 10 years.
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Card Pocket

IDR 149,000